Need to reset Rhapsody to go your device...8g Fuze


I just purchased an 8g Fuze yesterday - had a 2g that I loved but wore the darn thing out.  Anyway, tried transferring some tracks from Rhapsody on to the new device and I keep getting an error message from Rhapsody that I “need to reset Rhapsoday to go on your device…Make sure that you are connected to the internet, then disconnect and reconnect your device to your computer”…I have done that a bunch of times no luck.  I did a firmware update, updated to the newest version of Rhapsody, formated the Fuze, made sure the device was Authroized…I’m getting fustrated.  Help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have the To Go version of Rhapsody active?  Check on your Account Status and see if it lists as Unlimited or To Go.

In this window, you can check for Authorized Devices.  Rhapsody allows three per account.  If the previous Sansa is dead, or won’t be used with Rhapsody, you can cancel it from the account screen, or even select Deauthorize after plugging it in (assuming it will communicate).

If you have a new, empty device, you can use the Nuclear Option: the Fuze’s built in Format command, then select MTP mode on the device, and plug in.  From the Rhapsody client, right click on the Sansa, and select Authorize.

If the device has music loaded, you can try Deauthorize, then Authorize again.

Let me know what steps you have taken, and we can go from there!

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I have this same problem. It doesn’t seem to affect anything - I can transfer music, the ratings seem to update from player to PC, etc. Annoying, though.

That’s why I gave up on Rhapsody.  I used to be their biggest supporter, but the recession hit them hard and they have cut staff and their service has gotten increasingly worse.  I loved the idea behind channels, but they have not done any significant work on their client, and more often than not I had sync issues and stuff with them and the Fuze.  Many times it would not refresh my channels unless I deleted them and readded them, or it would not properly set the clock on the fuze so you would always get the nag.

The final nail in the coffin is when Best Buy purchased Napster and offered unlimited streaming (no portable support) for only $4.99 a month and that includes 5 free song downloads.  So a year of Napster gets me 60 songs for 60 bucks and unlimited streaming.  I sample the album and if I like it I download it using my credits, or there are other “legal” ways to record the streams and convert them to .mp3

And seeing that recently this last feburary Real Networks spun Rhapsody off to be it’s own business division, it looks like Rhapsody may be in it’s death knells.  At least Best Buy can continue supporting Napster as a “business and marketing” expense to add value to the devices they sell in house.

Actually, the changes at Rhapsody have been for the better.  There’s a basic single-device version available for $9.95 now, and the Rhapsody client has been improved dramatically.  Getting the client to work right has been a real (pardon the pun) quest, but the latest build works much better.

I have chosen to stay with the multiple-device version.

As far as support is concerned, there was a period when the Real forums disappeared in lieu of a knowledge base, and the latest forum, though having a kludgy interface, is assisted by the staff regularly.  Competition is a wonderful thing, and it’s pressed Rhapsody to make some major strides.  Overall, I’d say they’re doing the right things to improve the service.

I wouldn’t say the bell is tolling for Rhapsody currently, as long at they stay the course.

Bob  :wink: