Need some help, please....when I download new songs, others on clip disappear....

Anyone have any advice?  I didn’t have this problem on my old computer with Windows XP and the older Windows Media.  Now, I’m on Vista with the newer Media Player (which I still haven’t figured out).  Don’t know if that has anything to do with my problem or not.  Thanks for any help…

When you say that “others” disappear, do you mean all songs on your Clip, or just some?

What is the source of your songs?  Purchased from some website, or ripped from a CD, etc.?

All others disappear.  This has happened the last two times I’ve tried to download songs.  And, after thinking about it some more, I realized that it’s happened on both of my computers - one with an older Windows Media version and one with the newer one.  So, I guess the new Windows Media that I have on Vista isn’t the problem? 

The source has been different both times.  The first time it was from downloaded songs from Amazon and the second time, I believe, was mostly ripped from CDs. 

I’m not familiar with Windows Media, is that what you used to sync song onto your Clip?  If so, is it set to remove songs from your Clip that aren’t on your PC’s disk?

O.K.  Sorry I disappeared on this thread for half a year…I would rather avoid these types of problems, but here I am still with this problem and my son is getting frustrated that he can’t use his clip. 

So, the last post was that maybe it’s a settings issue in Windows Media – however, I’m not seeing anything in there that I can adjust that would resolve this problem.  Is it possible that some settings got messed with on the clip itself that are causing the problem?  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  I’m not seeing this issue come up in any search I’ve done online. 

Is it the same if you change the USB mode on the Clip, under its Settings?  I’d try setting to MSC mode and see if that helps.

My guess would be something to do with MSC/MTP mode. I only use MSC. I’m not sure what WMP does when you synchronize, maybe it just adds, maybe it makes content match. My point is unless I have a compelling reason to use MTP, such as desire to use protected content, it’s better to use windows explorer so you can see exactly what happens. This isn’t to imply the other methods don’t work equally well, but MSC is more straightforward and you can see what you are doing.

Avoiding WMP is a good idea. Windows explorer/My Computer can be used in either MSC or MTP mode…the most important thing is not to use Auto-Defect.:wink:

Yep, good suggestion, just use Windows Explorer to copy songs to your Clip, and see what happens.  My guess is that WMP is configured to remove any songs on the Clip that you aren’t currently syncing to it.  Most music managers have the ability to do that.

If you really want to use a music manager program, you might want to switch to something like MediaMonkey.  I’ve tried using WMP in the past, it’s horrible.

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O.K.!  Used explorer and it’s working fine.  I’m so bad on computers, but I still should have tried that before coming here.  Well, I am just happy to have this resolved and be able to use our clips again.  Feels like we got an early Christmas present.

Thanks so much for the help and I clicked resolved under the last poster’s name, but maybe should have done it with dave’s post.  Hope that’s not a big deal. 

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