Newbie - duplicate songs on clip+ and sync problems

Hi - forgive the newbie

A couple of issues:-

1)I seem to be repeatedly mucking up adding stuff/syncing to my clip+ using WMP12 - like how do I add new songs without deleting existing content??So far I must have added and lost songs/playlists about 5 times!!

  1. I’ve now added a playlist and managed not to delete anything in the last hour - yay!! but seem to have lots of duplicate songs on my clip. But when I open it up on the PC (windows 7) either through WMP or my computer, no duplicates show up.

Am i just being really dumb??

My USB mode is MTP if that matters (although I don’t really understand the difference…)

Many thanks

The easiest way, I have found:  set USB mode to MSC mode (it causes fewer problems than MTP mode, and is good for everything except DRM’ed files); forget WMP; and simply drag and drop (or copy and paste) files to your Clip.  Simple and easy.

As to duplicates, are you sure they really are?  Or are they the songs just showing up under different lists (e.g. artists; titles; albums) which is as it should be.

They do appear to be duplicates - eg I go under a certain album and each track is listed twice.

Would it possibly be caused by the fact that I had it connected under MSC and loaded some content on then switched to MTP? I have a vague feeling I might have done this - I certainly recall making sure it was on MTP to follow a tip about playlists.

okay - set it to MSC and deleted the songs that appeared in that mode (it was pretty much the whole list of albums with duplicates)

Now I just have a few duplicates left - guess I can live with that!!

The duplicates left are all songs i have on playlists, and in most cases the name is slightly different - eg no apostrophe - “I_m” not “I’m” for example. However they do NOT show up as duplicates if I look on the PC - only on the player.