Downloading Problem with Sansa Clip - Please Help

As a new user I’ll try and explain my problem the best I can. I run into a problem when I try and play downloaded files. Say I downloaded 5 songs. All 5 titles will be listed. It will play one song just fine. The rest of them won’t play. When I try to play the next song all the titles are run together as one and instead of playing song ‘2’ numbers 2-3-4-5 flash really fast. It’s like the songs don’t know where or how to end.  Any help will be appreciated. 

You may get more and better responses if you post in the Clip forum.

What file types, and where are you getting them from?

What method are you using to put them on the player?

What firmware version are you running?

Thanks for the response. The files are 32 Kbps Windows Media Audio Files. I have subscribed to an old time radio program site. They say that my player must support the secure microsoft  DRM, whatever that is. My version is 02.02.13A. thanks again.

That would involve Windows Media Player, or another MTP-capable transfer method.  I’m afraid I can’t help with that.

Start a new thread in the Clip forum, give the information you already have here, and someone more familiar with DRM stuff will help.

I am having a downloading problem also! My songs show that they have downloaded from Media Player but run together just like you said when I try to play them. Any help?

I made two changes and now my problem is solved.  I don’t know which one actually worked.  First of all I download my files at 32 bits rather than the 16 I was previously using.  I also changed my USB mode on my Clip to MTP mode.  Perhaps one or both of these changes will help you. 

Ok I know how to change the USB mode but how do  I change the bits?

When I downloaded from the site where I got my files I had a choice on what speed to download.  It’s not in the clip itself.

how can i download music from YouTube

@kennylee3 wrote:

how can i download music from YouTube

I don’t know why you’d want to since the quality is so crappy, but try here.

@kennylee3 wrote:

how can i download music from YouTube

Try here.