Playing Windows Media Audio Files - Help

I’m trying to play WMA files downloaded from an old time radio program site. The files appear to download just fine. When I go to play, only one file will play normally. The rest of the titles run together and and won’t play. It seems as though the Clip can’t tell when one starts or ends. The site says that the playing device must be capable of storing and playing Windows media audio files at 32 kpbs or lower and must support the secure Microsoft DRM. I don’t know what most of this means. I have V 02.01.13A. Please help.  

Hi fairmont,

Basically, there are two “USB modes” on available on your player. One is called MSC. What it does is make your player appear as any USB disk so you can store everything on it. Then there is the MTP mode (for Media Transfer Protocol). When your clip is plugged on this mode, your computer sees it as an external player and will therefore manage it another way. Now here is your problem. the files that you want to put on your player have DRMs (Digital Right Management). The only way to make those files work on a mp3 player is to connect it on MTP mode so they can be read from it.

To do so, just go on Setting>USB mode>MTP. Then it should work.

A possibility might be that the clip doesn’t read audio files that goes as low as 32 kpbs. In big, what that means is that the audio quality is very weak and, maybe because you don’t find such a bad quality anymore, those files can’t be handled.

Good luck. 

First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to try and help me. I made the change and re-loaded my files.  This time it played two of the shows but the rest ran together as they had done previously. I have put in an email for help from the site where I get the radio shows. Do you have any other suggestions?

Did you sync those files to the device using Windows Media Player or you just drag-n-drop it to the device?  If you use WMP, then most of the time, it will find the DRM license for you if those files required DRM license.  So just try the MTP sync using WMP to see if it will work.  If those files cannot synced to the device, WMP will display error message for you.