problem downloading songs from windows media player to clip

When I drag new songs to the sync list and start sync everything in the library suddenly shows up on the sync list and sarts downloading everyhing that I already have on the clip.  I had no problem when I got the Clip I in loading my entire library and I downloaded a couple of songs that were downloaded with this entire library sync problem I then had to delete all the duplicates. Also the new songs I tried downloading show up on the clip but won’t play music.  I have tried MTP MSC . I have tried putting the new songs on CD and then tried  downloading to the clip that way but run into same problem. Hellllp.  I have windows xp with windows media player 10


first i would suggest upgrading to WMP 11.

it sounds like you have the device configured for auto sync. try using the options in WMP to disable auto sync. 

I did download wmp 11 and that took care of the problem.