Error message when trying to add music to Clip

Happy New Year everyone!!

I have approx 12 songs downloaded onto Windows Media Player 10 and when I try and download them onto my Clip, it accepted 2 of the songs and the other songs won’t download.  I get an error message.  The error message reads…A problem has occurred in obtaining the devices certificate.   Contact Microsoft product support.

Do I really have to contact MS support or have some of you ran across this problem and know how to resolve this.

I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks in advance!

I assume that these are DRMed music (that is, protected by digital rights management); for some reason, the licenses to the music aren’t transferring over/aren’t there to transfer.  Is it possible that you don’t have the licenses (such as, someone simply sent the songs to you without getting the needed authorization, etc.)?

Thank you for replying and trying to help, but I did purchase these tunes and licenses to go with them because I have already put them on a different brand MP3 player and worked without a problem, but when it comes to downloading them to this one, it doesn’t work.  I’ve even tried restoring and backing up the licenses.

I appreciate the idea, have any more?  Could it be, you’re only allowed to download them once?  But if that was the case, why would  2 of the 12 download again?

Has me stumped.   

Go into the settings menu and format the device. Once you’ve formatted the player, attempt to resync the music.

Explaining this one step further, the formatting gets rid of the licenses that might be there and that might be crudded up, in essence giving you a clean slate to try from scratch again.  Good luck–

OK, thank you so much.  I’ll try it!