Will not download songs

I have had my clip for just over a year now and all the songs on it were recently erased after I tried to listen to them by connecting it with windows media player.  Anyways now I have been trying to download some songs back onto it and every time I try to put a song onto it it says there isnt enough room.  Surely there is enough room because there are no songs on it.  Also, before this happened whenever I wanted to download a new song onto it I would have to take around 3 or 4 songs off for every song I wanted to add in order to make room or I would get the message I am currently getting.  This make no sence since all the songs were around the same size.  I appreciate the help.

Not knowing how badly things got messed up, I’d just format the thing and start over, completely re-loading it. Then you know for sure what’s on it and what isn’t. I believe these flash memory devices benefit from an occasional ‘flushing-out’ anyway.

Sorry I really dont know much about computer work at all.  What do you mean when you say I should go ahead and format it?  If that means erase everything, that has already been done, there is absolutely no information currently on my clip.  I already accepted I would have to redownload everything back onto it but the problem is it isnt taking any files I try to download onto it.  It says there isnt enough space even though I should have 4gb’s.

I would reformat then pay careful attention to the mode MTP or MSC that you are using. Set one or the other and leave it there, preferably MSC if you aren’t using DRM music. Check capacity after format both from the clip and windows to be sure everything is as it should be. Don’t set to auto mode, select the mode you want to use.