Cannot access some songs

After downloading music when I try to play I get the message - Synchronize to continue your music subscription. I have 2 other clips with the same songs that play ok.


It is important to know how are you tranfering the music to your Sansa player?

You can try this link it maybe help you.

A “Please sync to continue listening" error message appears

If you have just copied the files from your other units–you can’t do that. Those are DRM (digital rights misery) protected files, which means they have to be sent over with hidden codes that unlock them. If you are downloading them from a subscription service like Rhapsody you have to go through the Rhapsody player to send over those codes. 

There may also be a limit to the number of copies you can have, depending on the files. If there’s one on your computer and two more on the other units, 3 may be the limit.

It really depends on where the files are from. 

" Synchronize to continue your music subscription" That looks like a third party software to me. What are you using if I may ask?

Hi. Just copying CDs to PC windows media player then transfering them to clip.

All I am doing is copying CDs that I have bought to windows media player then transferring them to clip. I cannot understand why a whole album will play OK except for say 3 tunes from that album.

Thanks I will try this.

The default WIndows Media Player setting puts DRM codes into your music–“protecting” it from you!

In Windows Media Player go to Tools/Options/Rip Music and change the format to mp3 at high quality–at least 192 kbps, but 320 is best. Mp3 does not use copy protection and you will never have this problem again. The sound quality will be the same or better. 

Bonus:  once you have made mp3 copies from your CDs, you can also use them on every other player–even those that do not play WIndows .wma files, which is what you have been making. 

Windows wants to lock you into its own .wma format, the same as Apple defaults to m4a. It’s better to use the universal mp3 format. 

No need to use a 320 kbps rip rate–ripping definitely has diminishing returns at the higher rates and takes up much more disc space.  But only you can decide what is best for you–experimenting a bit with different rates is a good thing to do.  

Here, have been very happy ripping at a 192 kbps variable bit rate (with 320 kpbs at the hgh end)–the idea with variable rip rates is that the ripper only uses the higher rates when needed, saving you considerable space.  

And for spoken files, a much lower rip rate can be used satisfactorily.  

Agreed that spoken word doesn’t need high bitrates, but when ripping music CDs, 32GB cards are pretty inexpensive now, and even at 320 kbps one of those will hold a whole lot of music.

Of course everybody has a different sense of high fidelity (and a different quality of headphones), but if you’re ripping a music library it seems like you might as well just do it once at maximum fidelity.

Each to his own, I can definitely hear the difference between the old 128 kbps–oh, those awful cymbal sounds–and 192 and above. It’s only a little more than 1/3 more space for 320.

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Unfortunately, for me, until manfs. start coming out with jukebox players again, losing a third of my capacity would be disastrous.  When I first got my first player, I did testing and found that, for me, using variable bitrate ripping was a good solution, to increase fidelity with lesser space use.  

OK. But 32GB  cards are <$1 per GB.


I think I experience similar problem. I don’t have any problem connecting to my computer. All of my mp3 songs were played without any problems. However, one day all my songs wiped out of my player without me doing anything. I then try to copy musics (mp3 format) back to my Sansa Clip Zip 8GB. It doesn’t let me copy. However, the songs play on my other Phillips mp3 player. Why? Is there something I can do to be able to copy and play the songs again?

Note, the songs were uploaded to my Sansa before I become the owner so I guess the mp3 were purchased from iTune.

Can you help?


@black_rectangle wrote:

OK. But 32GB  cards are <$1 per GB.



Yep–but I would need a not-yet-available128GB or 256GB card at this point . . . .