my sansa clip doesnt play certain songs when in play all mode

hi please help…I have some music files which are mp3 format and when i try and play in the “play all” option or even in my golist they are skipped over…however when i play the songs individually they play…Why is this and how can i fix?

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Perhaps the sound file is corrupted. Have you tried to play it on a desktop and see if it works fine?

yes, i have …hopefully i will be able to find the solution, ive only been dealing with it for a few years lol

Hi, I have been having the same problem. I got a Sansa clip+ 4gb for Christmas. After having sorted out the volume issue I now cannot transfer all songs from an album???
It will say it has synced and when I unplug it and listen to it on my earphones it will play some songs but not others. When it is about to play the songs that it eventually ends up skipping, It says on the display that I need to ‘sync’ device?? It will show the artist and title of song on display but won’t play it.
I’m going on holiday in 2 weeks and would love to buy some mp3 albums to put on it but don’t want to waste my money in case I can’t transfer music.
Any advice would be great

It would help if you tell us what type of music this is, more specifically if it’sDRM protected and if it is, could that be a problem.

Try downloading MEDIA INFO, and set the output format to text mode. Then, open your problematic files with it, and copy/paste everything it says onto this forum. That way, we might have a better idea of what the problem might be.


     I am not sure what DRM means? Sorry.

I have managed to put music on my dad’s Sansa clip from his computer with NO problems whatsoever but it seems that as soon as I decided to buy myself one then all the problems start.

I am only trying to put music on that I had no trouble putting onto an i Pod with i Tunes so does this not mean that it should easily transfer onto a Sansa Clip via Windows Media Player? 

The most frustrating thing is that it WILL transfer ‘some’ of the tracks from an album but NOT others and when you go to click on the content of what ‘should’ be on the Sansa Clip… it tells you that ALL of the songs are on there and they’re NOT   :dizzy_face:

When you go to play them, (the songs that will not play)… it says on the display

Synchronise to continue your music subscription’

and then skips to the next song and possibly displays the same text until it finds a track it wants to play??:cry:

DRM = “Digital rights management”. Essentially, copy protection stopping you from playing files you don’t have the rights to. All Apple tunes were like this until 2009.

Likewise, when I copy songs from my pc to the device there are no ‘faliure’ messages and it seems to be ok, I can see the songs listed on my pc under the Scandisk icon when it’s plugged into the PC and even see them on the micro SD card that I insert in the player, but I cannot see nor play them on the device.

Strangely, I managed to put one album on at first attept to use it - but nothing since??..frustrating…

Any ideas?

@jot1 wrote:

. . . but I cannot see nor play them on the device.

Are the files tagged properly?