Need Help

synchronize to continue your music subscription

Ive put or my music on and keep getting this message can someone help please. Ive done it by windows media player


If you’re using Rhapsody:

Or if these are CD’s you’ve ripped yourself in WMP, turn off the default ‘Copy Protect’ setting for .wma files and re-rip. Better yet, just use .mp3 format & not worry about the DRM (Dirty Rotten Mess) issues.

How do I do this can you explain please.


Could please tell how to do this easy because I am no good with load of technical stuff



Probably a good place to start would be for you to tell us where you get your music.

Ive got all my music from cds what ive bought.

Check to see if your CD ripper had copy protection turned on.

How do I do that ?

Check the settings on your ripper software.  If you don’t know how to do that, read the software’s manual/its Help pages.

@loupey24 wrote:
Ive got all my music from cds what ive bought.

Did you rip them into .wma format with Windows Media Player? Go into Tools > Options… > Rip Music tab. Look under ‘Rip Settings’.

If it says Windows Media Audio, un-check the Copy Protect Music box. Or simply switch to .mp3 format. Then not only won’t you ever have to worry about this again, but these songs will play on any MP3 player out there.

Notice they are not called ‘WMA players’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help ive fixed my MP3:smiley: woo hoo woo hoo