Synchronize to continue your music subscription ...


For awhile now I have been having issues with transferring mucic to my SANSA CLIP + 

I transfer from Windows Media Player but it just keeps saying the above. 

I’ve tried to play from the player through the laptop and it sends me to a Migrate Licence Error stating 

"The license cannot be downloaded because your Web browser is not supported.

To download a license, you must install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later.

To install the latest version of Internet Explorer, see the Windows Update page."

So I have done as instructed and updated but nothing. Just keeps sending back to this same place. 

I’ve tried to sync the player and it seems to be sucessful until I try to get the player to play. The issue seems to be with a physical album I own (old style, from before web) which I have uploaded to the computer to try to play on my SANSA. 

I’m not sure what I can do as I don’t want to have to re-buy every single album I own … 


Go into your Options > Rip Settings in Windows Media Player and untick the Add Copy Protection box. WMP by default adds this DRM ‘protection’ on files ripped in .wma format.

Either that, or change the settings so you rip in the more universal (and DRM free) .mp3 format. You will have to re-rip and re-transfer the resulting file whichever way you decide to go.


Thank you for your response. That solves the technical issue, I was baffled as most of my music seemed to be fine apart from three albums - Now I know why! 

My next problem is that I purchased 2 of the three albums from Ovi (Nokia’s Music player) and since then I have changed phone and since I dont have a physical copy of the CD I can’t rip it again. Do you think its likely Nokia would be willing to deal with it? Although I’m not sure how as I deleted my account off Ovi as it was interfering with other things on my computer. 



If you purchased these albums from an on-line service (as opposed to simply ‘renting’ them or having a ‘subscription’), they should not be in a protected .wma format; they should most likely be in .mp3 format. Check the format to confirn this; what is the 3-digit extension on the file names?

Another option (if they are indeed DRM-crippled .wma files) would be to cross-convert them to another free format like .mp3, but doing this will reduce the sound quality.