Need help with Audiobooks

Please help.  I have searched and read all the posts that appear to address this subject, but I’m still stuck.

I’m trying to listen to an Audiobook which was downloaded from NetLibrary.

It shows up as Music, and there are zero chapters showing, even though I know the book is broken into chapters.  What I’m trying to do is listen to part of the book, shut down, and come back to the same spot in the future.  Or, even, listen to part of the book, listen to some music, and then come back to the same place of the book.  This particular book is 8 hours, so there is no way I can listen to the whole thing at a single sitting.

I can’t figure how to do any of this, even after reading the manual.  At this point, I’m about 1 hour into the book, and don’t dare even shut the player down for fear the whole book would restart when I come back to it!  I’m sure this question has a very simple answer, but this is my first MP3 player, and I actually bought it primarily to listen to audiobooks.

I read something about changing the genre, and making the book a podcast in order to get chapter options, but didn’t understand what that even meant.  What I need is a basic explanation for a techo-illiterate.  


You have 2 options.

1)  Put the content in the Audiobooks folder.  You will be able to resume the content after selecting other content.

2)  Use the “Advanced Tag editor”  in Windows Media Player.  Select the content on your computer and change the “Genre”  field to be Audiobook.  If the Genre is set to Audiobook it doe not matter where the content is placed on the device. You can have WMP11 sync the content and it will place it in the Music folder,  but it will still show under AudioBooks

Netlibrary content does not have Chapters,  so the resume position will be helpful. 

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Thank you sansafix.  Now I need more help.  How/where is the advanced media tag in Windows Media Player.  When I open the program, I see only Now Playing, Library, Rip, Burn, Sync and Media Library.  Under none of these could I find the feature you reference, although I’m sure I’m just missing it. 

click on Library, and then on the left you should see Songs. if you right click on the song, you can access advanced media tag.

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Thank you for your help but when I look at my genre list I do not see “Audiobook”.  I have searched other sites but could not find any information as to why or how to include this genre.  Can you provide help as to whether you added something to WMP 11 to have this capability?  I would like to convert MP3 files to audiobook format to play at faster speeds on the Fuze.


Hi bshauger, first off what are you using to change your tags?  depending on the program , you should be able to type in your genre without having to choose a predefined tag.

Right click the track in WMP.

Select “Advanced Tag Editor”

In Advanced tag editor type in Audiobook in the Genre Field.

This will change the genre to Audiobook.