Audiobook and chapters

when i download audiobooks it goes into which is fine, but how do i get the chapters to play continuously?  I have some books have 99 tracks and 11 disks and I don’t really want to go through and change the genre on all of the tracks to audiobooks.

can someone help me?  thanks

You might want to post a new thread for that if you expect to get better support.

You don’t need to change the genre to audiobook, just put them in the audiobooks folder on the player to separate them from your music. changing all the genre tags in one step would be easy with a tag editor like the free program mp3tag.

You may need to do some tag editing to get them to play in order. It really depends on how they are tagged now. You should use the track number tag to get them to play in order. Some multidisk books might have track numbers starting from one for each disk, while others might not. MP3 tags has a nice autonumber feature that will help you easily renumber the tracks. What to do depends on how the tags are now.