Need help with a Sandisk MP3 Player?

 I have a sandisk sansa e260 when i put songs on it sometime it says unknown and it won’t play the song. I know its in the right format b/c its the same as all the other songs that it will play. Does anyone now why its doing this. I try to update it but its only a 4GB and the update is 8GB so it won’t update.

Sansas categorize tracks by ID3 tags, not file or folder names, and if the tags aren’t properly filled in your tracks won’t be where you expect them to be. You can use a program like MP3Tag to fill in the missing information.

And if the update won’t fit on the player, you downloaded the wrong update. You can find the most current firmware here (for the v1) or here (for the v2), along with directions for doing a manual update. If you don’t know which one you have, check here.

 If you’re using the Sansa Firmware Updater software, it should download the correct file automatically.