NEED HELP! i got a sandisk cruzer orbit !

hello every body! i got a 8gb … sandisk cruzer orbit … 

heres the problem … i plug my usb on pc and the pc recognize it … but the flashdrive didn’t show up … 

everytime i click the safely remove hardware and eject media … its shows nothing but (…) yeah this three dots … 

the driver was properly installed and updated … pls really need help my thesis was on this flashdrive :frowning:

PC recognized it but the drive didn’t show up.

You mean the drive icon didn’t show up, right?

In this case, maybe some background process or programs have blocked the drive from being detected.

Try Safe Mode to see if the drive icon shows.

If shows, then check the background process one by one to find the blacksheep.

If still not shows, then the drive should be faulty.

That’s odd. Has this been working in the past. Looks like this was not recognized. Have you tried pluggin this in on another computer?