Need drivers

I just had to re-install my hdd and o/s and now my Sansa Connect nor Sansa e200 (8gb mp3) are not recognized by the system.  Where can I get the drivers for these devices.   I tried the updater, but that needs to have the devices "recognized by the o/s.  Until I get the drivers my system can’t “recognize” the devices.

Any suggestions?



The Sansa Connect doesn’t need any special drivers, it just needs a valid installation of MTP, which you can get by installing Windows Media Player version 10 or higher.

That’s probably the same problem with your Sansa e200, though I think the e200 can also be set to MSC mode.  If set to MSC, it doesn’t even need MTP installed, it’ll just appear in “My Computer” as a “removable disk”.

cannot reinstall driver

Turn on the unit. Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Set it to MSC.

That is the basic USB driver that is in every computer. If you can’t connect with MSC then your cord may be broken–try a replacement cord. 

It would also help if you can do a quick Windows Update. There’s a good chance of your issue being fixed on that.