e250 wont connect

I have had my sansa on msc mode since i bought it and just figured out the only way to have playlists besides “go list” you have to have it on the mtp. When I changed the USB mode and connected it to my computer it pops up saying new hardware detcted insert cd. I dont think there was any instalation cd with mine so i was wondering if anyone knew how to get my computer to work with it while it is on the mtp mode??

My Sansa e200 series came with an installation CD, the cd has the user guide, Sansa media converter and I think it also has Rhapsody.  The CD does not have the MTP drivers for the player.  The Sansa Player is a plug-N-play device on both MSC and MTP USB mode, the drivers should be native on your PC as long as it meets the minimum system requirements.  Windows XP, I suggest atleast SP1 and windows media player 10 or higher.

i have all of that… i can get it to work with msc mode because like you said it dosnt need to be installed, but when its in mtp my computer wont reconize it

First - what operating system are you using? That can definitely help figure out what’s going on.

Second - is the player showing up in Device Manager? If you are using XP and above, the easiest way to check is:

Start –> RIGHT-click on My Computer –> select MANAGE –>DEVICE MANAGER (will be under system tools in the left pane)–> Universal Serial Bus Controller (expand by pressing the plus sign)

It *should* show up under there - in some versions of Windows there will a heading along the lines of Other Devices somewhere in the Device Manager list, check there (if it shows up).

If you’re able to find a listing for the player, right click and select properties and let us know if there’s an error of any sort showing up under Device Status.

Worse comes to worse, if you dont’ feel comfortable doing that, go ahead and call tech support - they’ll be able to walk you through some steps and troubleshooting over the phone. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

MTP mode will only work on Windows XP or Windows 2000 with SP4 installed.

Not true. It also works on Vista! :smiley:

But you would need to have MTP drivers installed on the computer in order for it to recognize the device.

You can try Microsofts MTP drivers download and see if that works.


You can try this. I have heard from some friends that it works. Its worth a shot :smiley:

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