Downloading music

My computer will not recognize my e200.  I have Windows Vista.

What kind of usb ports are you using? Did you connect it to the usb hub? It should be recognized. Check the User manuel. If that doesent work I recommend you Call Sansa technical support they guide you threw the whole process.

Use a port on the computer, not a hub. Make sure you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed.

Also don’t use a USB extension cable. They hardly ever work with Sansas.

And try EVERY port on your computer- front or back, give it about 10 seconds after you unplug it to try another.

And make sure you’ve read the instruction manual so you know how it’s supposed to work.

hav no idea in how 2 do this putting on this having trouble putting song thisi hav sansa e260 an i cant get 1 song on this thing can sum1 help me out

here you go: 

look at the video called “load music” below. Also READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL.