Need Help! computer won't recognize e200!

So I don’t know what’s wrong, and it’s not the cable or the mp3 or the USB slots, cause all the other USB slots reads other mp3s and iPods and when I plug it in it says that it’s charging but my computer doesn’t say that an mp3 is plugged in or Windows Media Player doesn’t say it either


May anybody tell me whats wrong?

I listen to podcasts and share with friends and have 15~20 e250 players and have come across this before.

It is funny, I have some players that read on my vista computer and some that read with XP and not the other. 

First off, each player must have a serial number or unique identifier because the first time you start it up if you don’t say what you want and hit do this every time.  I believe if you just hit escape it will do that every time. 

Now at work they did someting to the network and it stopped reading the mp3 players.  To make a long story short, I went to Sun Microsystems website and updated the Java to the current and after that it works like a champ.  I would recommend that especially if you are running XP. 

If it still does not work, I would look at #1 in 

looks like a way to reset the player.

Another tip that I have not seen anybody mention is that sometimes the player just dies on you and when you plug it in, it is still dead.  Turn it over and take the 4 little screws out and pull the case off and take the battery out.  I hit the power button and then put the battery back in and replace the 4 screws.  Hope it works for others because it has worked for me. 

You may have resolved your issue long ago but I just came across this.

No actually I just posted this thing last night, I’ve had this problem for like 2 months now and just decided to post it last night haha

Well I just read it right now and i’ll let you know if any of this info helps

Thanks chad3423