Mysterious Red, blue and green lines on screen

okay, a view days after i got my player(Sansa Fuze, 8G), a wierd green line showed up in the far right corner of the screen. it goes about 75% of the way down. The day after that, a red line appeared beneath the green one, this one reaching about 80% of the way down. Two days later, another red line apeared a little farther right than the last two, and reaching 50% of the way down. and finally, today a blue line appeared in the middle of the rest, going 60% of the way down. I havent looked into til now because nothing else is wrong, the videos and music still play perfectly, and the lines arent far enough over to really annoy me. I just need to know if there’s something i can do to get rid of them.

Probably not . . . sounds to me like a bad LCD. But post again in the FUZE board to see if anyone else has seen or heard of this. This really isn’t the appropriate place; besides you’ll get a lot more people seeing your post there.

Might be best to exchange it now.

and how would i exchange it?

@ktiekthevegyvam wrote:
and how would i exchange it?

What do you do when something else you buy doesn’t work, is broken or doesn’t live up to your expectations? This isn’t rocket science . . .

Where did you buy it? Was it from a retailer (Best Buy, Circuit City, OfficeMax, etc.)? Do you have a receipt? Just take it in, tell them it’s defective, and that you want a new one.

Was it from Amazon or some other on-line retailer? Check their return policy, and e-mail them that it’s not working correctly out-of-the-box. They’ll arrange for you to return it & send you a new one.

Was it from E-Bay? Contact the seller about an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization) if it’s a large seller. If it’s an individual, contact them & they’ll probably take it back, but you may have to buy another one elsewhere.

If none of the above work, you can try contacting Sandisk for an RMA, but be perpared to prove purchase (receipt) & you’ll probably need to give them the serial number off of the unit (located under the battery; you must take the back off to remove the battery).

Good Luck! :smiley:

Ouch!!  Don’t try to pop the back off your Fuze!  The previous post was referring to an e200 series.

The Fuze has a general type number on the back for reference, like the Clip does.  The actual device serial number is digital, and accessed in MTP mode.  With the device connected, click “properties” on the Fuze, and the first 16 digits of the ID are the serial number. 

If it won’t power up, the rear ID is all you can access. 

Returning the device to the vendor is the fastest option, as most retailers have a simple return policy.  Beyond that initial period, contact SanDisk via the logo in the upper left of this screen, then navigate to “support”.

If you’ve just had that rocket fuel blast of caffeine from a Monster, a Rockstar, or a cup of coffee, call 1-800-SANDISK for assistance.

But please notify the tech that you are in caffeine orbit, so he can grab an emergency cup of coffee…that way you’ll both be able to talk really fast.  The guys at SanDisk will hook you up!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

You might also try reloading the firmware manually as described in this sticky.  It might be a hardware problem, but if it’s a firmware issue reloading will solve the problem and you won’t have to go through the trouble of returning the player.