My Sansa Fuze won't turn on

My brother accidently erased the FORMAT information apperantly on the Sansa and now it won’t turn on, even if plugged in. I tried formating it on the computer but it says it can’t. I tried holding down the power switch and everything but nothing works… HELP!!

Try sliding the power slider to the down LOCKED position. You’ll see orange underneath the switch. Open up a Windows Explorer (My Computer) window. Now press & hold the REW ( |<< ) button while plugging the cable (already connected to the computer) into the bottom of the player. Continue holding the REW button; the player should pop up in Windows Explorer as 2 separate drives, like F: & G: . The 1st one will be the player; the 2nd will be the memory card slot.

Now you should be able to right-click on the player and select Format… You can also manually install the firmware if you need to.