New Sansa Fuze will not turn on

I was given a Sansa Fuze as a gift yesterday.  My computer see the device while it is plugged in and charging.  Last night the battery light became fully green so I unpluged the device to turn it on.  Nothing happened.  I have tried resetting by holding the power switch up for 30 seconds and then turning on normally.  Still nothing happens.  I’m at my witts end with this device!  What else can I try in order to get this device to turn on?

Try connecting the player again, and use the PC to format the the player. Disconnect the player and see if it will turn on. If so, then format the player again using the player’s menu, then set the USB mode on the player to msc. Next you could reconnect the player again, and copy the music to the player again. Did you copy any files to the player before you had a problem with it?

Thank you for the suggestion.  I formatted the player using the computer, but it will still not turn on.  Yes, I was able to transfer music files to the player while it was charging.  Since opening the package last night I have not managed to get the player to turn on at all.

The seller has agreed to take the player back and send another one.  Hopefully the next one will not be this much of a hassle to operate.

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It is good that you can exchange it. My next suggestion would have been to download the firmware ending in 26 and install it on the player. Anyone know how to tell if a Fuze is V1 or V2 if it can’t be turned on? I guess someone could try the V2 firmware first(a new player bought now is most probably V2), but if that doesn’t take then the player is V1, and the V1 firmware is needed.