My Sansa Express is not visible


when I connect my Sansa to the computer, the player is not visible in “My Computer” window in Portable Devices section. In WinAmp Media Library or WMP my Sansa player is visible and I can load and synchronize my music files. In other computer it work properly. What must I set in my computer ? Sansa working in MTP mode.


WMP10 or higher is required for all sansas… Seems like you dont have WMP10+

after re-reading what you wrote, I offically do not understand what you are asking.

Same case here too… when i put my sansa express to my pc with windows XP with windows media player 11 series it just shows a icon in task bar with no properties for ejecting the device. after some times it will also dissapear from the task bar… and everytime i am removing the device directly without any icons for safe ejection of external hardware…

God only shuold save my player in future…

I feel like its not coded at all for the safe eject programme…!!!

it jus *********** s…:angry:

Don’t worry about it.  Just unplug the Express anytime when you’re not actively transferring data and you’ll be okay.  “Safe Ejection” only matters for USB Mass Storage Class devices, like flash drives, memory card readers, etc.