Hello, i buyed my Sansa Express today, and as with all hi...

Hello, i buyed my Sansa Express today, and as with all high-tech products in my posession the confusion get total, even with a manual in my face,

here i shoot

(1) Safely Remove Sansa express from computer

     C** lick on the Sansa Express icon in the system task bar**

i can’t find any icon in my " system tray"?  during the time my player is plugged into the computer

however a icon thath sounds like this appear only in my system tray  the moment im plugging the player in, but dissapear after i have choosed option

from the autorun, righ now im keeping the player in, untill you learn me

(2) I installed Audible Manager 5 with the CD, and i was surpriced i could do everything with it, exept adding my harddrive music to my player with it :stuck_out_tongue:

what should i use it to?

I could not either find the meaning to use Media Plarer 11 “Syncronize” as autorun suggest, can i add files to the player with it? 

ore should u just dragg files to

Ops i posted to earley by accident


should i ignore everything else when it comes to accually adding the files, and just drag my files with the “Sansa Express” function in Explorer?


since the express is known as an “MTP Device” there is no need to use the safely eject hardware feature… since that does NOT appear.

As long as you are not transfering music/files to the device, you can disconnect at any time.

thank you for thoose words

bye the way do you have any idea what i shall use Media Player 11 to?

are thei any moore media centers thath are compabillity (spell?) to this modell

see previous posts :slight_smile: