My Sansa e260 just keeps charging and never stops.

So I’m charging my sansa e260 and the indicator just keeps show that its still charging.  Its already been charging about 5 hours.  The indicator keeps on moving.  It was working fine the last time I charged it.  I’ve only had my sansa for about 6 months and I use it occasionally.  Help me please.

Mine seem to do the same thing :dizzy_face:

when you disconnect it, is the battery full? If so I wouldnt worry too much about it. I can use my  e200 for a day and half or so before it dies on me. By then im usually at a comptuer to charge it. I would guess its roughly about 12-14 hours of playback for me, not too shabby. They sell extra batteries I could carry if i wanted to double that.

well this has never happened to me before.  So how would i know when its done charging??

Should I give sandisk a call if this problem keeps happening?  I havent even had it for over a year so I still have the warranty.

If your getting your full 13-15 hours or so of life out the player, then why would you? Aside from the fact that the player doesn’t tell you when its done charging.

The player takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to fully charge. If you leave it longer it wont do any damage to it.

In my opinion, if your getting everything else you want out of the player, then 1week without a player just to get the “done charging” symbol is out of the question.

Thats just me though.

I got another question.  If my computer is turned off or in standby mode, does it affect how long it’ll take to charge my sansa e260?  Perhaps it won’t be able to give out enough power to charge it???

if your computer is in stand by or hibernation/sleep mode, it will not fully charge the player.  most computers, cut off the power to the USB ports when in those modes.