My e-260 does not show a full charge anymore.

I have only had it for several months, but it quit showing a full charge.  Now there is one fifth of the charge indicator that always stays white even though it charges all night.

Depending on your use (and other things) the battery might be all used up. But it may just need a re-calibration of the charging indicator. Try taking out the battery (4 screws on the back plate) and leaving it out for a while (15 minutes or so). Plug it back in and give 'er a nice long drink. How’s your battery icon now?

Still the same? Maybe it’s time then. The best prices on batteries recently have been on E-Bay. Amazon used to have good prices too, but lately they (and their business partners) haven’t had any in stock. I hope this isn’t an omen. :cry:

Oh & by the way, in the future you should probably post a question like this in the e200 series board. Your problem really doesn’t have anything to do with the Sansa Firmware Updater. :wink:

Thanks, I will try that.  Even though I am reluctant to open the back.  I am sorry for posting in the wrong place. I thought I was on the main page.

do you use your pc to charge if so use the rear port to charge the front usb ports give out less power and if a laptop charge it with the ac power plugged in and see if that helps