Sansa e250 won't charge

I bought a sansa e250 Monday.  Got it out of the box, synced it up to my computer, put some songs on it and listened to them to make sure all was working fine.  I plugged it into my computer and charged for ~3 hours to make sure it had a full charge.  After that, I listened to it until it said the battery is low and it shut off.  I plugged it back into the computer and left it alone.  I came back ~4 hours later to unplug it, the lightning bolt was no onger flashing and the battery symbol was full.  When I unplugged it the battery status went back to low and shut off, basically it didn’t charge although it said it was full.  I thought the problem may have been with the USB hookup so I got one of the AC chargers, same thing happens, I plug it up, the lightning bolt flashes about 5 times, the status goes to full and when I unplug it, it returns to red and shuts off.  Whats the deal?

Are you plugging your player in the front or the back of your computer? I used to have an issue with my player in the front.

Tried both, even tried using the AC adapter and same thing happens in all 3 situations