Computer says fully charged but... "Battery too low system shutdown" ? - e260

So this is the scoop:

I turned my Sansa e260 on And it said “Battery to low system shutdown” I connected it to my computer (to charge it I presumed) and it connected, but didnt start charging. It showed a full charge. So I went back and forth with this a few times before I cam eto the boards.

Tried to update the firmware, but I think i’m stuck somewhere between .15-.18 But trouble is I can’t turn the player on unless it’s  hooked up to the computer (So i can’t do anything IN the player itself) but I can put it into recovery mode while it’s hooked up to my computer.

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I really can’t find anything.

Any help at all would really be appreciated. I’m going crazy at work with nothing to listen to…

the silence…oh god…the silence…

what in the sam hill is up!

mournfully yours,

  • me.

Try reseating the battery.

I’m having a similar problem.  Does “reseating the battery” mean take the battery out and put it back in?  I’ve tried that and it still won’t charge.  I know it’s not a bad battery, because the battery will charge in my other E250R.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

I’m actually having the same problem. Since I had a mainboard linked problems on my pc the charging symbol doesn’t appear when I connect the player. The player doesn´t turn on automatically either, when I connect it to the PC. Once connected to the PC and turned on by hand, I know that the battery actually gets charged, but as soon as i disconnect the player from the computer it turns itself automatically off. When I try to turn it on again it only says "Battery Status too low System shutdown.

Does anybody know how to fix that problem. I 've already reseated the battery and installed the latest firmware. Thanks