Seven Hours to Charge first use, and counting

I’ve tried different USB ports on my laptop, just in case there’s a difference, but it just continues to charge and charge with no end in sight. At what point should I consider this brand new device defective? (Firmware is up to date.) Thanks for any replies.

Laptops sometimes oo not put out enough power to charge an external USB device, despite the fact that the unit says it’s charging. Remember their prime directive is to conserve power, not expend it.

Try a desktop computer or AC-USB wall charger. It might not be a defective player.

Good point. Thank you. I have an PC tower lying around unused, so I can try that. I’ll let you know if that makes a difference.

I wonder, what does the System info. under the player’s Settings say about the charge? It could be done but the battery gauge on the screen acting wonky.

After leaving it to charge undisturbed for four hours, the battery charge remains sitting at 61%. Totally unchanged from when I plugged it in. I’m gathering that it won’t turn on without a full charge, because I certainly can’t get the device to turn on. I’m prepared to consider the device defective at this stage. It’s had more than 12 hours of charging time from a reliable USB port.

It might very well be defective, but before you write it off try resetiing it and attempting to charge it again. Press and hold the power button for up to 30 seconds. It may not turn on, but after the 30 seconds and you release the button, pressing it again should fire it up.

If it doesn’t, then certanly return it to your dealer or contact SanDisk directly about a warranty replacement. If dealing with SanDisk directly, calling is always your best option. :wink: