my sansa converter says i need to download the proper codec first???

i am trying to put a video on my sansa fuze.  i have downloaded the sansa converter, but when i go to import the video it states that i have to download the correct codec first.  i am using windows vista? any suggestions?

I think you need Quicktime.

Cold be any one of a gaggle of codecs needed. Most recommend Apple’s Quicktime player like BR did; it’s got a valuable one in it. Also the K-Lite Codec pack has rounded out all the necessary ones SMC might need depending on the source video.

I got both of these when I started converting videos and haven’t had any problems.

Okay, so, I feel pretty stupid, but… _what exactly is a codec _?

@meljoy wrote:
Okay, so, I feel pretty stupid, but… _what exactly is a codec _?

I have recieved this problem before, and I think there may be a bug with SMC (one of several).  In the past, I have tried to convert videos that are already in the ‘supported’ SMC formats, recieved this message, and complained to myself that I can already play these videos with any direct-show media players.  I wouldn’t recommend using this software at all… In fact, there has been much effort to figure out how to convert Fuze-compatable videos without SMC.  Here is the best success I have had:  It shows how to use third-party converters SUCCESSFULLY, and has a link to download a one particular third-party converter created specifically for the Fuze (Video4Fuze).  You should give it a try.