Please help with getting video on FUZE.

Hi all, I am using the any video converter, and trying to use the sansa media converter to move an .mp4 file to the fuze.

The error I get is:

The file movie_x264.mp4 cannot be imported.  Please install the correct codec first.  If the files can play back on your computer probably Sansa Media Converter does not support this format.

Well, I assume it wants me to have a codec to play mp4, I have no idea what codec that would be.  Where do I get the correct one?

Thanks for any assisst.  New to these gadgets.

This is what I have install on my computer:

Sansa Media Converter

VLC player


Real Alternative

Quicktime Alternative

I usualyl don’t have problems with SMC with this setup ,but if I do, I just use media coder to convert to xvid.

This is an extra step in the conversion process, but I usually want my video archive to be some avi container.

 hopefully this might help, but there may be better solutions.

Please read other forum posts before submitting a new post.  The Fuze requires the SMC (Sansa Media Converter) for video conversion.

Go Sansa!

You need to install Sansa Media Converter with QuickTime from apple. Sansa Media Converter need an mp4 codec to convert. Let me know if this does not solve your problem and good luck.