Mp4 issue with my Fuze, please help :)


I recently got a fuze and I just got 2 movies in mp4 format which does play and in my laptop and when I tried to do the sync with the fuze it says there is an error blahblah and can’t get added.
Then I thought maybe if I pass them through the SMC that will do it but it says that I need the right codec first, so its not even letting me Add Media because it says that I dont have the right codec for that.  I have succesfully used it for pictures without a problem.

What could be wrong and what can I do to fix it?


The Fuze doesn’t support the .MP4 file format. The (limited) MPEG-4 support means the XviD codec in the AVI container.

General opinion is that SMC is not very good. People tend to recommend the program from this forum thread instead: [v0.4.1]video4fuze, tired of SMC? Now with a windows installer for al those windows guys :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Hi thanks for the link! But seems its not working for me… well I have read the thread about it and seems that Windows 7 users are having the same issue as me with video4fuze, it says that it can’t be found the final.avi  blablabla error.

Anyways do you know other converter I could use?

Thanks :smiley: