My Sansa Clip+ won't start

Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for my bad english… I’m french and I’m still trying to learn. 

So, about my mp3 player, the main problem is that it wont start. I try everything (I guess) with reset, hard reset, plug it on the computer, plug in the wall… but no… :frowning: I’m getting desperate ^^. 

When I plug it in the computer, it say that I need to format the disk. The problem is that I can’t with Windows. I went to the disk’s control panel and the disk it’s in “RAW mode” and the size say 30 mb… o.O I don’t get it because it’s a 2go player. 

So I did somes researches and try to get it works on Gparted and others programs such as UBCD to trying to fix the disk but it can’t… :( 

So, have you somes ideas to fix my MP3 player ? 

Thank you :) 

looks like this might be a dead stick already. Sorry. When you click on format on windows, what is the error message?


Thank you for answering. 

Well not a particular one… Just a thing as “Windows can’t format this disk” :/