Sansa clip won't turn on

Hi, this is my second sansa clip 2gb in like 2 months, I barely use it and now this time it won’t turn on. I was connecting it to my computer to delete some songs because it said that it needed 30 mb of free space which I did not have. I unplugged it and it will not turn on, I plugged it back into the computer to see if it will light up or charge or anything, but it doesn’t do anything. It’s basically a dead piece of plastic now. Any suggestions before I send it in?



DO NOT RESPOND. It just randomly fixed itself and im not sure how to delete this if you even can.

I’ll respond anyway, in hopes you’ll be curious.

Besides, the title says Do Not, and this time of the day, I am thinking Do-Nut.

If you are the original poster, if you click in the upper right corner of the thread, EDIT and DELETE are available.  This is quite handy for duplicate posts.

On to the raison d’etre for posting in the first place: your frozen Clip.  You can reset the device by holding the power switch in the ON / UP position for 10 seconds, and release.  Glitches happen, and as you’ve seen, they sometimes go away or resolve in the strangest ways.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: