FORMATTED my Sansa Clip, now it's just a hard drive?

Hello everyone, I formatted my Clip on Win7, as some of the music folders wouldn’t delete for some reason. Now the thing won’t turn on, tried all the reset things.

It does connect to the pc, but comes up as a blank storage unit, no folders, no nothing! ‘No updatable Sansa thing found’ says the firmware thing. **bleep** things, please help!

I’ve formatted mine lots of times. Its completely ok to do that and will not cause any harm. Can you explain in more detail what you did? Perhaps you used NTFS or some other file system the Clip can’t read?

hi thanks for answering, I used the fat32 default format setting in win7, and I’ve done this with other players, and this one  I think in the past, and when you unplu it ‘remembers’ to restart and install / run its basic operating system, but this time it’s like it’s completly wiped.

There must be some files that are supposed to remain on there permanently? not sure

Have you tried resetting it by pressing and holding the power button for 20-30 secs? Release, then try starting it up by pressing the power button again momentarily.

No, there are no files that are required to be on the player to boot.

no, so as it is, the player only seems to show any signs of life when its connected. A dead or almost dead battery would explain it, but I’ve only had this for a few months so that seems unlikely

You might try a few things:

–  Manually re-apply the latest firmware–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

–  Possibly, re-format again (maybe something got goofed-up the first time).

And if all else fails, you have a 1-year warranty (2 in the EU)–contact SanDisk for a warranty replacement.  SanDisk even pays the postage both ways, in the U.S.

thanks for your help, I will send it in for repairs

@fredward wrote:

thanks for your help, I will send it in for repairs

Where? SanDisk does not offer any repair service. The diagnostic time alone would cost more than the unit retails for.

They will though, replace any defective unit if it is within the warranty period (US - 1 year, EU - 2 years). :wink:

that’s what I meant yes