My Sansa Clip+ is broken (Details listed)

Hi I’m new to this whole forum thing

I have had the sansa clip+ since time in October this year, I cannot return it, because the receipt said the return period is only 15 days and I cannot afford a new one

So In class today my sansa clip+ started glitching randomly (these glitches have happened more than on one occasion:

The music would stop unless I moved it and pushed buttons

It would  lock itself when I was changing the song or checking the time

It would turn off (like reboot itself) without me hold the power button

It would go back to the song I was listening to last I reboot it without rebooting

It went split screen, the screen should the wrong half of the wrong side

It went really slow

After these glitches it turned off even though it had more than half battery life

Now it wont turn on even though I’ve tried:

charging it in a wall plug with an adapter and trying to turn it on

holding the power button for about a minute

holding the center button for about a minute

charging it in a computer usb (I tried all the ports and even held the center button and the power button)

formatting it with Fat32

putting firmware on it (I didn’t get far after I tried the sansa updater thing because with the manual set up it asked what version it is and I’m not sure

refreshing the drivers to the instructions on the sansa support website

When I do plug the it in the usb it shows as “Unrecognizable” and when I hold the power and/or the center button it changes to “Disk Drive: G” and asks if I would like to format it. If I click no it does nothing, if I click yes it tries to format it and then says that windows could not complete formatting and that disk drive G cannot format

This is all the details for now, I hope it help making the solution easier to find

I’m looking forward to your answers

Did you buy the player new or a refurb?

If the player was new, it has a 1 year U.S./2 year EU warranty. 

SanDisk Customer Service, for a warranty replacement:  in the U.S., 1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:

Given only a 15 day warranty from the dealer, I would susupect this is a re-furbed unit. Unfortunately, if this is the case SanDisk will not warrant it.

That’s the gamble one takes when they buy a re-furbed anything just to save a few bucks.

I’m not sure if it was refurbished, but I think it may of been

I stupidly recycled the box or container

but it was 10 dollars cheaper than what it said on the sandisk website

also, does this warranty work in Canada?

I suggest that you check with the seller about a warranty.  If it is a refurb, there usually is a warranty also.  Those are much shorter than Sandisk’s, but you may be able to get a warranty replacement.

I’m sure there is a warranty on new players in Canada, and assume that it is either 1 or 2 years–but you’d need to check.