My Sansa Clip 2GB Blue color is not detected by PC

Hello everyone!

Would you please help me with my sansa clip as it is not detected by my PC. My sansa clip is still charging when it is connected with my PC but not detected.  

I tried all the recommendations stated here in this forum but of no success. I already tried the MTP, MSC, Auto detect mode, installing the firmware updater but nothing positive happened.  Please help me on this and it will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,


Did you try a system reset?  Forcing an MSC connection?

Yes, but still not solved.  I also tried to install firmware updater but the installation did not complete as the clip is not detected from the PC.

Hey, I have the exact same problem - again tried forcing, the different USB modes, firmware updater (which didn’t complete as the clip wasn’t being recognised) and other things on the FAQs…

Is this a common problem?