Sansa Clip 2GB Blue is charging when connected to PC but not detected in "My Computer"


Can you please provide a solution for my sansa clip, the issue is that it is not detected although the clip is charging when it is connected to the PC.

I can still use the FM radio, but I can not put songs as it is not recognized.  I had tried lots of possible solution stated in this forum but of no luck.

These are the following solutions I’ve done, but still did not fix the problem.

  1. MTP, MSC, Auto detect mode

  2. Install firmware updater

  3. cd installer (will direct you to firmware updater)

  4. Windows Media Player 11

5. Winamp player

  1. Connect recovery driver

Any advices & possible solutions are welcome…  Thanks!



Have you also tried:

– using a different USB port

– using a different USB cable

– a system reset:  with the Clip off, hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds

– forcing an MSC connection:  with the Clip off and in the hold state (on switch all the way down, so that the orange indicator shows), hold the center button down while connecting the Clip to your computer.

Hopefully, one or the other will work.

Sometimes, also, a reformat of the Clip from its Settings can help in inexplicable circumstances (but it also will erase your Clip’s content).

Sir, I already tried all of these but still of no success. Now the only use of my sansa clip is the FM radio.

I’m feeling stumped.  SanDisk Customer Support time, methinks.

It’s probably the fact that it’s BLUE.