Sansa Clip 2 not recognized by PC

My Clip2 is not recognized by my PC while in “Automatically Detect” USB mode.  It has always been in this mode since day one.  A friend hooked it up to his new Dell laptop, running Vista, to copy some music to his computer from the Clip2.  Ever since then it is not recognized and will not charge on my PC, running XP Pro SP3.  I can connect and charge it in MSC mode but the look is different on my PC.  It used to show up in My Computer as “Sansa Clip 2”(or 2GB), now it shows up as "SANSA CLIP (G :), there never was a drive associated with it before.  I used RealPlayer to transfer playlists before but now the “Playlists” folder on the Clip2 does not show in RealPlayer.  I updated the firmware to Ver. 1.01.30A.  This did not help.  Any ideas as what happened and how to fix?