My Sansa 2gb is not working

Since I have cancelled my subscription with Rhapsody my mp3 does not worked.  It tells me to connect to the PC.  Rhapsody tells me for right click to format.  I’m 71 years old and my son gave this to me.   I don’t want to use Rhapsody again since I have found out that once you join Rhapsody you cant leave.  I will just have to throw the mp3  away if no one can help me.  Thank  Ckkkkzh

Naturally any songs you got by subscription won’t work once you don’t have a subscription.  Those files are worthless without the subscription. Like a tennis club, there’s no use complaining that you aren’t allowed to play tennis on their courts after you quit.

Have you tried any mp3 files you actually bought or made from your own CD’s?

Yes and the mp3 cuts off.  I can not download my cds on to the mp3 because it cut off.