Sansa won't play music

I uploaded CDs and downloaded music from Rhapsody during the 30 day trial period.  Everything worked fine until the trial period expired.  Since the expiration of the trial period I can no longer listen to ANY music on the Sansa Clip.  All I am left with is a $80+ FM radio.

What can I do to listen to the music that’s already on the Sansa Clip without joining Rhapsody and paying them a monthly fee?

if you dont have a rhapsody subscription any music downloaded from rhapsody will not play and will need to be deleted from the clip. music from your cds should be fine…

Thanks.  As I mentioned, right now I can not listen to ANY of the music - uploaded CDs and/or downloaded music from Rhapsody.  Does your reply mean that once I delete the music from Rhapsody, I will be able to listen to the CDs I uploaded?