My pc can't find sansa fuze

help me,please.When i connect fuze with pc by usb,fuze can charge but my pc can’t find fuze and i can’t move something to my sansa fuze.

is your fuze in auto detect mode (other people have this off, but it worked when they turned it on)

do you have windows media player( this was the problem with mine when my computer would not reconize it)

my pc have windows media player.when my fuze connect with pc,my fuze can play music while charging as when used with adapter,but i can’t transfering music to my fuze.i try reset factory settings and format it but i can’t fix problem.

What version of Windows Media Player do you have? You need 11 in order for your computer to find your Sansa Fuze. You can get Windows Media Player 11 off of the Microsoft web site.

I’m having the same problem. The screen flashes “connected” for about 2 seconds, then gone. Tried formatting, restoring defalt settings, and updating firmware…


WMP 11

If you are using a desktop, and you use the usb ports in the front of the tower, then you should try the back usb ports, those tend to work better.

Connection fixes

i tried formatting, restoring defalt settings,used the back usb ports of the tower but my fuze can’t connect with pc.i try to check the usb cable but it’s good.i don’t understand why???

I don’t know if this will help, but if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista, switch your Sansa Fuze into MTP mode (or autodetect).  Settings–>System Settings–>USB Mode–>MTP  Then download the MTP porting kit from Microsoft’s Website.  Now try plugging it into the computer.  If this doesn’t work, try using MSC mode.  Settings–>System Settings–>USB Mode–>MSC

Best of luck!

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