Fuze dont connect to PC - Help from Chile

Hi everyone,  im from chile, first of all sorry for the bad spelling, but im not a english native speaker…

 i bought my Fuze on may at best buy NC, everything was working perfect until 2 weeks ago,  after y shut it self of for low battery,  i Connected to the PC, but unusually said:

Coneccting, writting, and then the frame became red with a announcemnt and shut off. (it was so fast i could read what say)

I disconeccted and try in another computer.  But then until now it only goes

Coneccting, writting, Coneccting… and DOESNT Charge…

-first i thought it was cable problem… i changed it… nothing happend

-then i charged it by AC adapter and the songs are there, the music plays with out problem

but still i cant get the fuze to be recognize by a PC not every PC i have try… 

it cant be possible, that from now on, i cant sync any more!!  PLEASE HELP!!!  

Connect it, go to Device Manager. In XP it’s Settings/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager, but it’s different in Vista–so look in Help for Device Manager if you have Vista.

You’ll probably see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it. Right-click on that and Uninstall. Disconnect the Fuze and reboot your computer. Then try connecting again.

You can also try updating Windows Media Player–find Tools (you may have to right-click on the upper left where it says Windows Media Player) and Check for updates. 

Those seem like the most likely fixes. If not,  there are more steps  here.

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sorry, the first part in the control panel, was everything ok… couldnt fine the controler of the sansa (does it have a special name?)… so weird… why i cant connect it to the PC :( 

could do number 12 that was in the link you told me, because i didnt know what uninstall…

sorry, but  keep trying to help me please :D 

Did you try the other steps, not just #12?

of course…  i have windows media 11, but most of the # is when you still are able to see, the sansa in “My PC” but its doent being recognize… dont even said that something have been connected…  doesnt do the automatic run

so actually doesnt even not work as data traveller…   the only thing that i can do i to here the music all ready uploaded…  can do nothing in the PC  because stay connecting al time…

at the time that try to say writting (1 second)  the go back to conneccting… and stay there for ever, with out no even charging.    

but you didnt say me what was the name of the controler i should uninstall…   because i coudnt fine one related 

It would be the USB controllers, but if you don’t see one with a yellow triangle then it’s hard to tell. And if you uninstall all of them you might be fine.

But you might also lose something like your computer’s webcam, which may also use a USB controller.I had one computer that did.

If you want to try it, set a Restore Point before uninstalling the USB controllers. Then uninstall them all, reboot and see if you can connect.  Then you can always go back to the restore point if something goes wrong. 

Its not the USB controllers…  this weekend  my mom bought a new netbook…  the plug it and  USB the that the device has make a error and cant be open…  so it can be de USB in my laptop, unfortunatly is something wrong in the device. 

I fully charge it with eh AC adapter, and music and everything inside it seem to be perfect…

Know the question is… being in south america,  What can i do?

the only why i see it now is star using the micro SD card  and forgetme about the 3 Gigas free inside my Sansa Fuze 4G, but it cant end like this right?  

You can try to force it into MSC mode by sliding the power switch down to the hold position and pressing down the << button while you connect the usb cable to the computer.  If this works, it’ll show up as a flash drive in My Computer and you’ll be able to access the internal memory.   You can then try to run a checkdisk or reinstall the firmware.  Hope this helps.

By the way, what usb mode is your fuze normally in?

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well in the device settings is automatic.

but normally  apears like fuze  not as flash drive. 

right now im at work so i cant tell you what mode is… sorry :P 

@rocio_kcs wrote:

well in the device settings is automatic.


but normally  apears like fuze  not as flash drive. 

right now im at work so i cant tell you what mode is… sorry :P 

Work!!??! What could be more important than getting your sansa working right?! :smileyvery-happy:

Why keep it in autodetect mode?  If you leave it in MTP mode, it’ll only connect in MTP mode, and not try to first detect MTP, then MSC if it can’t connect via MTP.

Autodetect is useless.

Put it in MSC. See if it connects. 

using the setting to change the USB mode didnt work with both of them. 

I forgot to try the wheel option.  i will tell you later.