PC does not recognize my sansa

My Sansa no longer is recognized by my PC (XP OS) when I connect the USB connector

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. Try again.

Otherwise, it could be the cord (replaceable). It could be the port (RIP). It could be that it’s not getting enough power–don’t plug it into a hub, and use a back port on the computer for maximum USB power.

Thanks for response. Had 2nd Fuze USB cord and PC still did not "see " it when plugged Fuze into PC. 

Also, when I plug it it into work PC it recognizes the device fine - just doesn’t on home PC.  Problem is I cannot download from work PC.  

Did you try changing the USB mode?

There are two USB modes. MSC is the basic generic connection used by thumb drives, flash drives. If the cord and port are working, your computer should recognize it.

MTP allows control of the unit through Windows Media Player version 10 or above. XP shipped with WMP 9. It’s possible your office has WMP 10 or above and your home computer doesn’t.  So if the unit is in MTP mode and your home computer doesn’t have a newer WMPlayer, you get a problem.

So you could try updating Windows Media Player.


You could also install the MTP Porting Kit, whatever that is, which some people have reported can be useful.


Note that your computer cares–but your Fuze doesn’t–about which USB mode transferred your music. If you sent files over via MTP, your computer won’t see them through the MSC connection, and vice versa.