Computer does not recognize Sansa

Was not having problems until I got my son an IPOD and pluged it in, now my Sansa is no longer recognized when I plug it in.  Can not find it either through my computer or by exploring. When I plug it in, I do get a “connected” message on the Sansa.  Model Fuze 8gb  I did read the FAQ but don’t know if these setting are on the Sansa or my computer.

On your Fuze, go into the Settings and try switching from Auto to MSC before connecting. This will cause the Fuze to show up as a USB flash drive. If that does not work and you’re running either Microsoft Windows with Windows Media Player 10 or newer or Linux with libmtp installed, try switching to MTP mode. I haven’t used a Fuze in awhile (until recently) and I haven’t messed with the USB Mode yet, so I forget exactly where the USB Mode setting is, but if you can find it (or if someone else can direct you to it), I’d recommend that. If this doesn’t work, try a different USB port, then try doing a soft reset (probably won’t help since the Fuze itself seems to be working) by holding the power button in the On/Off position for 10-20 seconds.

Ok, this seemed to work, but is a little cumbersome, recognizes it like a storage device rather than the each of select and sync.  Bonus that it is also charging now.  I think I have other issues now since I can’t find recently downloaded music…another task.


Switching to MSC mode makes the Fuze appear as a flash drive to your computer.  Sounds like you were previously using MTP mode, as your music appears "missing"when viewed from the PC.

Files transferred in one mode are not visible while connected in the alternate mode.

I’ll bet that iTunes may have tweaked something in your registry.

You can try manually going back to MTP mode, then plug in.  Open the Device Manager, then look for the Fuze under Portable Devices.  Right click on the Fuze and select uninstall , then unplug.  After about 30 seconds, plug in again and see if windows reinstalls the drivers correctly.