My new 4GB Sansa Fuze gives no signs of life

I just recieved my new 4 GB Sansa Fuze that I ordered online but after plugging in into several USB slots of 2 computers (I read the FAQ stating some slots have too low USB power) it still doesnt do ANYTHING AT ALL. Does this mean this new device is Death On Arrival? Or am I doing something terribly wrong? Ofcourse I put the slider in the ON position for 2 seconds as stated in the manual.

Please help!


What happens if you just try to turn it on, without connecting it? Make sure the Hold button is not on, no orange showing. Slide the power slider up (all the way up) and let it go. It might have enough juice to turn on. If you see Key Locked System Shutdown it means the Hold is on

If it does turn on, turn it off (hold up the power slider until it shuts down) and try connecting again. 

Connecting to the computer should do something, yes. So if it stays bad either the cord is bad or the unit is.

Brand new? Return it to the seller, and you are also covered by a one-year SanDisk warranty. 

Refurbished? Return to seller is your only option. 

First push the power switch up and hold it there for at least 30 seconds…  then release it… then push it up for 2 seconds to see if it powers on…

If that doesn’t work I’d leave it plugged in for a few hours first then try powering it on again

If after 3-4 hours of being connected it still doesn’t power on then it could be either the cable (power doesn’t flow thru or the like), or the battery in the device is dead or came loose from it’s connection.

Anyone else had any experience like this?

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Push the slider down to the locked position. Hold the center button while connecting the player to the pc. Keep holding it for a while until the pc recognizes the player.

First let me say part of the initial reason to pick a Sansa Fuze is this lively community. Thanks very much for your replies and help.

@Black-Rectangle  : The device is brand new. The cable looks just fine too. Just turning it on without connecting to USB does nothing at all. I’ve made sure no orange is shown in all cases. There is no error message or anything. Just NOTHING happens.

@timn:I’ve plugged the device in for a few hours and it made no difference after I tried to switch the unit on again…still no sign a all.

@JK98: I tried your trick with thecenter button too…still nothing…

For the UBS charging to work it is sufficient to just connect the Fuze to the port i take it? I mean there is no need to run media player 11 first to makethe charging work now is there?

You should be able to charge it without any other software, and it should show something–Writing, then Connected–on the screen when you connect.

However, if you want to leave no stone unturned, open WMP 11 and connect. Seems doubtful, given all you’ve tried, but why not?