My Fuze will not play the music list!

I got a 8mb Fuze for Christmas and I am having crazy problems with it already!  I downloaded the latest Firmware and I have version 01.01.15A loaded on the player.  Here is the strange problem that I am having.  I can use and hear the FM radio and I can play the video that comes with the player and hear it.  But when I try to play the music that came with the player I get nothing.  I hit then play feature and I hear maybe the first 2 seconds of music then it stops. The screen shows the title of the piece and it scrolls by on the screen but no sound.  If anyone has any ideas as what to do I would be very gratefull.  If not I am returning the player and not ever buying a Sansa music again!

Thanks in Advanced

Chuck W

I don’t have a clue, but it might be reasonable to try an exchange first.

Just an aside, you wouldn’t be buying a Sansa “again” since you didn’t buy this one.