FM Radio on Fuze? Problems?

So I decided to buy a Fuze and less than a week after I got it I was in the middle of listening to the radio, while walking and all of a sudden stopped working.  The audio and video played fine but nothing on the FM Radio (I checked multiple local stations). 

The firmware was the latest edition, I reset the player, I defaulted it back to factory settings, still nothing.  Finally in a last ditch attempt before returning the thing back to the story I did a reformat.  Well, that worked, except now I have loss all the data that came on the player, and my radio presets (not a big deal). I hadn’t installed any music on the player yet, I was using a microSD card so that isn’t a big deal.

My question is has anyone else had this problem?  I don’t want to have to reformat every couple of days.  Should I take it back anyway?  Did I get a dud player?  I leave on a month long trip overseas next month and I don’t want this going out on me then.

Any ideas? Help?

I have had the same problem with both the e250 and the fuze. That is what has brought me to the forum.

both players played the radio for a short period of time and then stopped . I was also able to play music (MP3s) but no sound on the radio end .I reset the units back to factory settings and the radio would work again.I’m not happy about this .

I updated the e250 to the latest firmware and no difference.