My e260 is stuck in a loop

I got the bad tracks message and my first attempt at fixing it was, naturally, to delete those tracks.  When that didn’t work I did the whole reset to default and at first it looked like it was working but then everything went South.  I press the button and it seems to come up with the SanDisk logo then the menu comes up but it’s got a bunch of lines streaking across it and then the screen goes white and restarts.  It does that continuously until I shut it off.  Plugging it into a computer doesn’t help, the computer doesn’t even recognize that it’s plugged in.  Any help would be great.

Thank you.

Is it a V1?

If it is then try seeing if it works when you hold the rec. and snap the hold to the orange part when turning it on. Once it says Welcome to recovery mode… then try pluging it in the computer.

If it is a V2… then i’m sorry… got nothing on me about V2 s

Have you seen and/or tried the advice iin this FAQ?

Have you seen and/or tried the advice in this FAQ?  

Yes I read through the FAQ and I managed to recovery mode and the computer recognizes player again; though it says 16mb-format version Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-02.24-S301.02.24J-D
Base Code: 05.51-S301-02.24-S301.02.24J-D
ODM Ver.: S301-02.24-S301.02.24J-D
OEM Ver.: S301.02.24J-D
Build Type: -D
Build Date: 2007.12.24
Build Number: (Build 32.10).  I did the ChkDsk and my player is empty again but I’m still getting the loop.  I tried to do the firmware updater but I get a message saying that “the application failed to read the version details.”  I’m pretty sure that I downloaded the correct one.  I have V1 e260 so is there a step that I missed?

try formatting it. that how i fix mine all the time


To format it, make an empty folder called sansa.fmt and drag that into 16MB-FORMAT. It will tell the Sansa to format itself. That wipes off everything you have added, including the bad files.

Reset only resets to original settings (backlight, etc.). It does not format the unit, and it’s useless for this problem.